The Lauren-Spencer Philosophy
As a family owned business, we named our company after our children, Lauren and Spencer, to remind ourselves to treat our products and customers with the same level of care as we would our family. We believe every customer deserves our best efforts in quality and service, and we will always strive to do what is right for our clients. At Lauren-Spencer, our customers are our family, our products are our passion, and the world is our audience.

                                                          Our Mission
Our mission is to bring more beauty into the world by guiding and inspiring others to view fashion and jewelry as an extension of their expression and self. Our jewelry is the bridge between the world of creativity and passion, and the world of trend. 
                                                          Our Values
To Inspire – All of our products carry a special meaning. Our motivation and inspirational jewelry lines help inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Our marketing and retail point of sale solutions will inspire and attract the curiosity of end customers. Inspiration can be found in the dozens of product lines we carry.
To Celebrate – Our products are meant to help the end customer celebrate life. Whether it is through celebrating others with a gift, or celebrating themselves with a new trendy piece to complete a new outfit, Lauren-Spencer jewelry always ends with a celebration.
To Love – The same way we love our jewelry, we love the inclusiveness and effect it can have on others. This is why all of our products represent positive forces in our lives. From our specialty jewelry lines to our brass jewelry lines, there is a piece that can resonate with any end customer.
                                                          Our History
Established in 1982 by an ambitious immigrant couple that moved to United States(1974) to pursue the American Dream, Lauren-Spencer LLC is a secondgeneration family business. Their son partnered up in 1990 and in 1996, shortly after the birth of his beloved children, decided to rename the company after them, Lauren and Spencer. The original pioneers retired and is living their American dream. It is the family values and passionate spirit that serves as the company's driving force.


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